Jane Goldberg

Tapper | Historian | Comedian

Traveling Tap Museum

The Traveling Tap Museum will be an easily transportable set with an old timey feel—like the toy theater “Bread and Puppet” does in Vermont. A 4 x 4 foot roll up tap floor The kiosk “museum” consists of many, many photographs of great hoofers, a curtain with proscenium for performance, video footage (three 10 minute takes adding up to 90 minutes of my past shows) and can fold up and be pulled on a luggage carrier with folding panels that can open out with photos, costumes and great memorabilia. A short “feets-on” performance will also be part of the Traveling Tap Museum with the seniors sitting on their chairs and moving their feet if they can’t get up.

But nothing compares to seeing things up close and personal! The TTM can bring the excitement of a live tap performance anywhere a shopping cart can be pulled!

Fortunately with social media such as YouTube, young people are being exposed to tap dancing now with past and present practitioners.

One of the toughest hurdles facing professional tappers is how tap dance still seems to exist only in the past tense. Through The Traveling Tap Museum, we hope to change that! Seniors, however, are the perfect audience for The Traveling Tap Museum because most of them know a lot more about tap than any other population.