Jane Goldberg Tap


Rhythm & Schmooze

Rhythm & Schmooze is Jane’s Goldberg’s one woman comedy/tap show reviewed in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, and The New Yorker’s Talk of the Town among other publications.  She is also the subject of three Stan Mack cartoons.

Cutting Sessions with Gregory Hines

A multimedia experience about the complex friendship between Jane
Goldberg and the late Gregory Hines

This new show authored by Jane Goldberg and Eric Stewart, "stars" the late Gregory Hines in footage, on audiotape, and some of his emails projected onto the screen.

During their 25-year friendship Goldberg and Hines represented the commercial and anti-commercial "downtown" world of tap. This show provides a portrait of a complicated friendship of love, yearning, rejection, and life during tap's second heyday, the so-called "revival" of the mid 1970's through 2003 when Hines died at 57.

The venue (TBA) will also host a "jam session" for those who would like to pay tribute to the late Gregory Hines at the end of the show.

Changing Times Tap Dancing Co., Inc.

Changing Times Tap Dancing Co., Inc., a not-for profit, is the first tap company incorporated in 1979, an umbrella for all things tap. Originally it was set up as a home for old hoofers, to preserve and create new tap. "Changing Times Tap" refers to not only time signatures changing in tap, but that times have changed since tap was underground during its Drought of the 1950's and 1960's and hence a revival of interest in the art.

By Word Of Foot

By Word of Foot: the documented festivals Changing Times Tap organized in 1980, 1982, and 1985 to bring tap masters together with students.  While most of the old greats have passed, a whole new generation of tap dancers was able to study with many of them thanks to the pioneering efforts of CTT.  Many professional dancers today met at these initial "By Word of Foot" Festival gatherings in 1980, 1982. 1985. Tap festivals blossom now throughout the country and Europe, thanks to By Word of Foot.  There now are maps on taps, as people young and old travel to continue to move the art forward.  Funded originally by the National Endowment for the Arts, these festivals paved the way for tap’s continuity.

Footprint: News on Tap

Footprint: News on Tap is another pioneering effort on the part of CTT, pre-desktop publishing, Footprint,  contains interviews with Gregory Hines and Tommy Tune in its premiere issue, cartoons, photographs, and current events.  Footprint introduced tap dancers to each other when desktop publishing and email were on the unforeseen horizon.   

Shoot Me While I’m Happy: The Musical

Shoot Me While I’m Happy: the musical.  Goldberg and company produced revues throughout the country beginning in 1978.  Some of these shows are It’s About Time, Lost in the Shuffle, The Depression’s Back and So Is Tap, Old, New, Borrowed and Bluesy, Sole Sisters, The New Sole Sisters, The Rhythm Method, Tapping and Talking Dirty, Tapping and Rapping to name several. These productions consisted of old and young hoofers, black and white, male and female, in the Vanguard of the multicultural movement of the 1980’s. With vintage and new choreography, these shows were forerunners to Goldberg’s “Rhythm & Schmooze.”  What distinguished these shows from others were the plots, created often by the team of Stewart Alter and Daisy Edmondson.  The plots were embraced especially by the older generation who rarely were given opportunities to act, something they were unable to do in their formative years, due to racial stereotyping. 

The Archives

The Archives: Labor of Love, created as a miniature tap hall of  fame, full of photographs, audiotapes, videotapes, DVDs, clips and articles, books, tap shoes, taps, vintage everything.

The Rhythm Method

The Rhythm Method: Jane Goldberg, Sarah Safford, and Dorothy Wasserman tapping and talking their lives away as modern women.  Includes the groundbreaking “My Vagina” to Run DMC written by Safford, before The Vagina Monologues hit the stage.


Tap-a-gram™: Goldberg’s singing/tapping telegram service.  Have shoes, have floor will travel to your next party, fun occasion.