Jane Goldberg

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Changing Times Tap Company

Changing Times Tap Dancing Co., Inc., a not-for profit, was the first tap company incorporated in 1979, an umbrella for all things tap. Originally it was set up as a home for old hoofers, to preserve and create new tap. “Changing Times Tap” refers to not only time signatures changing in tap, but that times have changed since tap was underground during its Drought of the 1950’s and 1960’s and hence a revival of interest in the art.


A singing/tapping telegram service.

Let the tap goddess write a personalized Tap-A-Gram and deliver one for you today.

She has a staff of Tappers ready to beat the boards and sing the songs.

$200. Have Floor, Will Travel

“Rhythm & Schmooze”

Rhythm & Schmooze is Jane’s Goldberg’s one woman comedy/tap show reviewed in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, and The New Yorker’s Talk of the Town among other publications.  She is also the subject of three Village Voice cartoons.

Shoot Me While I’m Happy: The Musical

Goldberg and company produced revues throughout the country beginning in 1978.  Some of these shows are It’s About Time, Lost in the Shuffle, The Depression’s Back and So Is Tap, Old, New, Borrowed and Bluesy, Sole Sisters, The New Sole Sisters, The Rhythm Method, Tapping and Talking Dirty, Tapping and Rapping to name several. These productions consisted of old and young hoofers, black and white, male and female. With vintage and new choreography, these shows were forerunners to Goldberg’s “Rhythm & Schmooze.”  What distinguished these shows from others were the plots, created often by the team of Stewart Alter and Daisy Edmondson.  The plots were embraced especially by the older generation who rarely were given opportunities to act, due to racial stereotyping.

It’s About Time

Jane’s first show at Elaine Sommer’s loft, where she was able to combine publicity with tap dancing and start the tap revival, and get a lot of the old-time hoofers work for the first time in years. She combined old, young, black, white, male, female, in these shows, which was a unique blend at the time, with plots written by writers Stewart Alter and Daisy Edmondson.

Lost in the Shuffle

Performed at the American Dance Festival in 1978. Similar format as It’s About Time.

Old, New, Borrowed, and Bluesy

A writer is typing next door to a tap studio and going crazy, as he listens to the rhythms of some of the tap greats of the 20th century. “For Dancers Only”, a dance reconstructed from the Apollo Theater chorus line, made its debut in the show. There was original music and writing by Stewart Alter and Allan Rosenthal.

The Depression’s Back And So Is Tap

A show with Leon Collins as the tap guru, one of the greatest tap dancers of all who went into bebop. This was a contest between the Big Bucks Tap Company and Transcendental Tap as to who could be the first tap dancers to the moon.

The Tapping Talk Show

A takeoff on late night talk shows.

Sole Sisters

The first all-womens’ tap show of its kind that combined tap dancing Grandes Dames and Prima Tapperinas, the older and younger generations of women in tap.

The Rhythm Method

Jane Goldberg, Dorothy Wasserman, and Sarah Safford compete for Miss Pro Choice in a show that combines baton twirling, tap roots, post-partum blues, and other humorous dances as the three women cross boundaries between tap and comedy.

Tapping and Talking Dirty

With Sarah Safford. Talking about sexuality, especially since the AIDS crisis.