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Tapilosophy: Gregory Hines to Jane

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On Macs vs. PCs

Context: In addition to you, the reader, reading his “consent”, even suggestion to publish them below, I’ve opened the wonderful collection of Gregory Hines Emails to be read, inspired by, and discussed in your tap lives as you travel the world.

Note: Gregory's email handle "Dajez" was a combination of his three children's names: Daria, Jessica, and Zach. "Spider", his earlier address, comes from one of his nicknames. It was also his car's (Jaguar) model name.

Whenever I put anything about Mac computers on the subject line, Gregory Hines answered with the speed of lightning. He was a true MACSTEIN. In the following emails, I was having a problem buying an Apple computer. Gregory was the 1987 cover boy for “Think Different” on the Apple page, a true original believer in the power of Apple computers.

Thanks to Valerie Baloga for help with transcription.

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