Jane Goldberg

Tapper | Historian | Comedian


Jane Goldberg has always been interested in the humor associated with tap dancing. When she first saw four old-time hoofers dancing in a church in 1973, she fell in love with tap dancing because all of these veterans had great wit. She was especially influenced by one of the great forefathers of tap dancing, John W. Bubbles, of the famous act Buck and Bubbles, who put tap into the jazz bracket. Some even say tap dancers influenced the musicians of bebop with their syncopated feet.

Goldberg’s humor with tap is different however. Some of the topic she taps and talks about are politics, sexuality, addiction, career vs. family, and the roots of tap dancing, of which she has a unique take. She loves to make other people laugh. Her act Rhythm & Schmooze is a unique blend of humor combined with tap dancing.