Jane Goldberg Tap

The Traveling Tap Museum is a mobile exhibition and set for presentations about tap dancing. A folding wooden construction on wheels, The Traveling Tap Museum is an easily transportable installation with an old timey feel designed by artist Sam Ashford, who was inspired by the kiosks set out in Moscow before the Russian Revolution of the late 19th century.

The Traveling Tap Museum folds up and is pulled on a large "granny cart." so named by young Ashford. This moving kiosk “museum” contains a collection of images of old time TAP greats in rare photographs that hang on a beautiful handmade curtain as a proscenium background. Folding panels open out to display rare posters, articles, tap shoes, taps, tapes, and costumes.

Jane Goldberg displays the Traveling Tap MuseumAlso inside the museum is a a 4' by 4' custom made bamboo tap floor mat. In any location, the tap mat can roll out for "feets on" live performances by Goldberg and some of the best tap dancers out there today. The dancers tell anecdotal stories about the pictures, sing songs and perform classic and modern tap routines.

The museum collection includes three ten-minute classic videos edited by Bernard Lee, from the renowned Changing Times Tap archives. This footage was produced in the late 1970s through the 90s with dancers in such varied venues as The Staten Island Ferry, the once prosperous Bowery Lane Theatre, the marble floors of South India, and the streets of Brooklyn, to name several. On occasion a laptop will be playing this rare footage.

Fortunately with social media such as YouTube, young people are being exposed to one of America's only indigenous art forms. They can see and hear tap dancing NOW with past and present practitioners. The three ten-minute videos are on YouTube as well as part of the Traveling Tap Museum.

But nothing compares with seeing things up close and personal! The TTM can bring the excitement of a live tap performance anywhere a shopping cart can be pulled!

Through The Traveling Tap Museum, Changing Times Tap hopes to keep its mission alive: to create, preserve, and perform tap to new audiences. The TTM is for kids, teens, seniors, adults, and all closet hoofers who always wanted to tap, and/or who love tap dancing and show business.